One of the 9 key elements of your interview strategy is to ensure that you are memorable.

Sounds obvious, but what do I mean by this, and why is it so important?

The fact is, unless you are uniquely suited for a job, you will be competing against several, and possibly many other candidates for the position.

In my experience, if I interviewed six equally talented and suitable applicants for a role during the course of a week, then there is a good chance I struggled to recollect much specific from the first couple of interviews.

I have been on graduate recruitment days where 50 graduates passed through the machine, and my colleagues and I had a hard time remembering most of the candidates we had seen.

This is not to say there is anything intrinsically wrong with the candidates. But in a large pool of smart and talented applicants, the majority are mostly capable but dull. Why would I hire dull people? I want people who are energised, passionate, excited!

So you have to stand out! Be interesting! Be brilliant! Perform! Make your interview memorable.


9 ingredients for a memorable interview

So what are the ingredients for a memorable interview? To help you understand how to be memorable, I have created a simple acronym as an aide memoire for you.  M.E.M.O.R.A.B.L.E. is:


If you can successfully mix all these ingredients into your interview, you will have a great chance of standing out from the crowd.

For the rest of this article I’ll explore the first three ingredients and then in coming articles I will expand on the remaining six.


Unbelievably, I have seen candidates interviewing as if they don’t care.  You have to be hungry for it. I often hear that this might seem desperate, but I don’t buy that at all.

I once hired a graduate almost entirely on his raw desire to do whatever it takes to succeed. And, boy, was he a great hire (Alex, you know who you are!). Even if it is not your dream job, interview like it is. Say that you are passionate for the opportunity, that you will throw yourself into the role.

I want you to care, and convince me that you care.


When I interviewed for my first sales job at Barclays Capital back in January 2000, one great comment from the most senior MD who saw me was “He’s a sparky guy”. I still remember it because it was exactly the right reaction I was aiming for.

Bring energy into the interview room. Have enthusiasm in your voice. Make your body language engaging. Although getting hired is a serious business, don’t make the mistake of coming across too seriously, or deadpan – to me that just looks like dull.

I want people in my team who are bouncing around with energy and enthusiasm. I don’t want to hire robots.


While too serious is a mistake, mature is good, particularly in young graduates. I want someone who looks ready for responsibility and hard work, someone who can grow quickly and push for promotion.

If you know (or suspect) that you look or seem young for your age, work on your gravitas. Dress professionally and look as though you would easily fit in to the organisation. Aim to convey maturity when you speak, for example by mentioning serious thought leaders in the industry whom you follow.

Employers want to recruit people who won’t let them down and crumble under pressure, and handle challenging situations well. All are hallmarks of maturity.

So those are the first three steps. In my next post I will cover the next three ingredients to memorable interviewing.


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