We would all love to believe that the person sat across the desk from you in the interview room is as fully engaged in the process as you are. Employing someone is a serious business, right, so shouldn’t they be taking you seriously ?!

Well sadly, this is often not the case. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Your interviewer may be thinking that interviewing you is frankly a distraction, and he’d much rather be back at his desk handling urgent task of the day #142;
  • He might not even care that much about who is hired!  This can especially be the case if you are having multiple interviews on one day, as usually the hiring manager will have enlisted a bunch of his colleagues from different areas to interview you;
  • He has taken one look at your CV and decided already you aren’t the best candidate for the job;

It has happened to me before when I had to drop something “important” to rush off the desk to interview someone.  I have been distracted and not prepared for the interview myself. I would have probably just skimmed the CV on the way up to the room.

The fact is, there is nothing that you can do about your interviewers mindset going into the interview. Don’t take it personally if they are not fully switched on at the outset.  However, there is EVERYTHING you can do about their mindset at the end of the interview.  So don’t be distracted, and focus on what you have to do to ace the interview.

Be engaging, energised, memorable, ask open questions, and before you know it your interviewer will be fully focused on you and pleased he took the time to see you.


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