Whenever I interview freshly minted graduates, all I see in front of me is raw material.

What do I mean by that?  Well, quite simply, almost nothing that you have achieved so far adds much value for me.  Of course you have your degree(s), work experience, life experiences etc.  But you have no proven value to me or my firm, no track record of generating real value elsewhere.

So when I look at you across the interview table, this is what I want to see:

  • bundles of potential
  • a raw talent
  • a rough diamond
  • someone committed to do whatever it takes to be successful
  • someone who I can take on board and mould to fit my needs, the team spirit in my business, and the culture of my firm

I want to see raw energy, desire, a hunger to learn, and an understanding that you are starting at the bottom, with everything to prove.  The last thing I want to see is someone who thinks they know everything, thinks they have all the answers, thinks they are the finished article.

This is a really tough message for you to hear, I know.  You have just graduated, you were top dog at University, the most popular of students.  But that’s history.  Unless you really are the most exceptionally talented individual (99.9% of us aren’t), you have a look-a-like CV compared with dozens of others competing for the same job.

So do yourself a huge favour.  Don’t tell your interviewer what you have already achieved (it should be on your CV anyway).  Take the opportunity to showcase your potential.  I hired someone into a sales role specifically because I saw a raw intellect and desire to learn.  Excite your interviewer about his opportunity to hire you and mould you into something really special.


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