So you’ve reached the end of your interview, and you are feeling confident that it has gone very well.

You navigated all the tricky questions well, spoke intelligently and articulately about why you are the right person for the job, and you were able to build some rapport with your interviewer.

What next?

Well, before shaking hands and leaving, here’s a final little tactic to really cement your place at the front of the queue.

Do you think I am a good fit for the role?

Ask the question:



Yes, it is bold. Yes there is a risk that it backfires. But if you are confident that you really have done well, it is a question which shows to your interviewer that you are confident that you are the right person for the job.

The first time I heard this question from a candidate – and I will be honest it doesn’t happen often – I really admired the boldness of it.

You are basically saying to the interviewer: “I like you, you like me, and I know you like me! Is there anything standing in the way of you offering me the job?”.

It is possible the interviewer indeed asks you to clarify something, or checks out another angle of your suitability. But this is absolutely fine, just deliver another strong answer, as you have been doing all the way through.

Ultimately, my belief is that as a potential employer I need to feel your desire to get the job. By sticking your neck out to ask such a bold question, you are showing tremendous desire. And in the final reckoning, that could be the difference between getting the job, and missing out!


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